Mikael Cross 2019

Mikael Cross 2019


Mikael Cross is a filmmaker and TV show creator that produce and create concepts for film, TV series and digital media. His latest TV show ALEX which he co-created and executive produced has become a huge success, with millions of viewers all over the world. The show also went on to become one of the most seen shows in Scandinavia. Season two of ALEX is set to premiere on May 24 2019.

The last couple of years Mikael has worked with the major film company SF Studios. During his time at SF Studios, he produced and developed several projects, including the critically acclaimed documentary about the Salazar Brothers and season 2 of the hit show "World of Elsa" (Elsas Värld).

Currently, Mikael is working on developing new TV shows as well as finishing his new feature film White Trash starring Ola Rapace in the lead which is set to premiere later 2019. In addition to filmmaking, Mikael advises companies and brands, blogs about filmmaking, creativity and the industry. As a public speaker, he speaks about subjects like filmmaking, inspiration, and creativity.

To inspire others to achieve their dreams is a subject Mikael is very passionate about. Growing up in the suburbs outside of Stockholm, working late nights as a train cleaner and after that, as a cab driver while doing his first feature film Mikael have said;

When I started out in this business nobody listened or wanted to help. That egocentric way of thinking is so common and it´s such a sad way to view the world. I believe that people deserves a chance to show their true potential, but unfortunately, these people too often never get a chance.

Just because you´re new or lack experience doesn´t mean you suck. But that was exactly how people treated me when I started out, and that´s why I´m so passionate about inspiring others to follow their dreams no matter what.
— Mikael Cross