SVOD, TVOD, UVOD and AVOD explained

With so many different formats the release windows sure can be a jungle to understand. Here below I explain ten different release windows (and the typical deals) that comes along with it.


The movies are released (via streaming) weeks before theatrical, or on the same day as the theatrical release.

Platforms: iTunes (via download), Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus; Magnolia, IFC, Radius/TWC

Note. Retail prices range from $25 - $30. The platforms typically charge the content owner/licensor a distribution fee of 30%


The theatrical is no longer the immediate profit center like it used to be. This is the result of high costs of production, marketing and releasing. Often producers use a theatrical release for the sole purpose to make PR and establish market demands internationally.

Platform: Theatres / Cinemas

Note. Exhibitors fee 40-70% of the theatrical gross


The movie made available via streaming for a premium price the same day as theatrical release.

Platforms: iTunes (via download), Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Google Play, Xbox, Playstation.

NoteRetail prices from $20 - $25. Distribution fee 20-30%


Everything from hotels, airlines to ships and schools. The movie is often available two months after theatrical premiere.

NoteDistribution fee 50%

DIGITAL HD or DTO ( Download to own )

Previously known as EST (electronic sell-through) usually available two and a half months after theatrical on several platforms such as iTunes, Amazon as well as studios own UltraViolet cloud.

Platforms: iTunes, Comcast Xfinity, Amazon

NoteThe platform typically takes 15-30%.


Tangible disc formats often available three or four months after theatrical release.

T-VOD (Transactional VOD)

You get access but not ownership to the movie. Available three to four months after theatrical via streaming or download for a low price via iTunes, Amazon or other platform.

Platforms: Cable, Satellite, iTunes, Amazon

Note. Once a consumer clicks on the VOD offering and agrees to pay the one time charge of anywhere from $1.99 to $6.99 the platform takes it´s fee normally between 20%-50%.


This is the premium cable channels window. Think HBOStarz and Showtime with license movies to be shown typically five to six months after theatrical premiere.

Platforms: HBO, Showtime, Starz

Note. Pay-TV services license content from content owners, paying a flat fee.

SVOD (Subscription VOD)

Think Netflix, Hulu plus, Amazon Prime, C-MORE or Viaplay. Movies are available here usually one year after theatrical if in case the deal is made instead of a pay-TV window deal, or two or more years after theatrical if a traditional pay TV provider distributes the movie.

Platforms: Netflix, Viaplay, C-More, Amazon Prime

Note. SVOD providers license content for a flat fee for a 18 months term at least.