Managers, agents and attorneys. What´s the difference?

Who´s who? and what do they do?

Have you always wanted to know the difference between attorney, agent and manager? In the best of worlds you work with all three (and, in that world you´re probably rich and famous already). In some cases attorneys and agents can do multiple things. For example you can find attorneys doing a little bit of managing and managers doing attorneys work etc.

When you start out you´ll probably have to do all this work by yourself. The only thing I recommend is that when you negotiate deals is that you should try to hire an attorney that can help you out. Find someone specialised in entertainment or the niche you´re in. Even in the heat of the moment when you just want that first deal signed. People don´t screw other people. People make bad deals. It´s your responsibility to make the deal you want.

The manager

Your manager is the one handling all your day-to-day business.

The agent

Your agent aka “the money maker”,
get´s you work and into auditions.

The attorney

Negotiates your deals and contracts. They should also monitor your contract to make sure that the one you´re signing a contract with is following their contractual obligations.

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