Why being a leader is about solving problems

Most of my work is about solving problems. I would say that 80% is about problem solving. If you´re a leader, or want to become a leader within your field, you have to prepare yourself to embrace problem solving and to make it a natural part of your life.

Most people don´t like problems. In fact, people in general avoid problems and conflicts as best they can. When you become a leader, you have to embrace the fact that solving problems and conflicts will become a natural part of your work life.

In the beginning och my career I had a hard time accepting that fact, but with time I’ve learned to deal with it.
The secret key? You have to change your mindset about life in general.

The mindset perspective is about thinking of life for what it is- a one-time experience. So what is the most important thing to keep in mind if life is a one-time experience? Being grateful for what you actually have. It´s about being grateful for having a roof over your head- and that you´re still breathing. The rest isn´t important.

Suddenly problems you might think are big, aren´t that big anymore.