Monday mood

Mikael Cross

Just got to the office. Making phone calls, meetings and going through composer contracts about the music for my next movie. Last week was amazing. We are now starting to receive reactions from the audience about season 2 of ALEX, and it feels great! Went to a party with Dragomir Mrsic, Maximilian Mrsic and director Alain Darborg which was organized by Kingsize magazine who did a tribute to the premiere of ALEX season 2 [photos down below].

On top of that, I just signed a new deal for the next big thing, which will become official within a couple of weeks. Today is also day 54 of my personal challenge to do cardio/gym for 30-45 min every day after I wake up- and I´m feeling more energized than ever!

Have an amazing day and keep on rocking the world!

All the best,