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Born and raised in what The New York Times proclaimed “Italy´s best-kept secret”, the beautiful city of Potenza in Basilicata, southern italy lives filmmaker, passionate traveler and inspirer Emanuele Giannini. From a very young age Emanuele always had a camera with him, making his friends annoyed for always taking too many photos. His passion for filmmaking and photography landed him a job at a small agency in his town, and over the years Emanuele has grown to become a great inspiration source for the filmmaking community with over 400.000 people following his filmmaking account @FilmmakersWorld.

Real achievement is related to what you already have in life
— Emanuele Giannini

“innovation and passion set the tone”

Emanuele, where do you get your inspiration from and who inspires you? I get my inspiration from all the great filmmakers, the crews and productions. The content we share on our community comes from these great people which are wonderful and of great value. We love to take inspiration from different styles and innovate people. Among my favorite directors you will find Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma and Sorrentino. I love their style.

To inspire people through filmmaking is definitely something we have in common in the film community, which is really amazing. Can you tell me about people on Instagram that inspires you?

Yeah, there are many great filmmakers that inspires me. Matt Alonzo, for his cool vibes, innovative solutions and how he too really inspires the people around him. Fantastic DP (Director of Photography) Jonathan Belinski, who can make the most difficult work look easy, and he is really talented in finding amazing people to work with. Other cinematographers that I admire are Mark Hobz for his experience of working with different kind of formats, he's also very open minded and always embracing situations with a positive approach. I think Mark will become one of the most important players within a couple of years. Jay Holben, a wonderful guy and a true pro. This guy has over 25 years of experience and he dedicates so much of his time to teach people about the industry. I remember when he took over the American Society of Cinematographers | @american_cinematographer IG-accounts, and he did such an amazing job with them.

Also we have the great Michal Barok and Elena Gudkova. I admire their passion for the filmmaking community, they create content constantly which takes alot of hard work, and you can really see their love for filmmaking, and they are always so positive.

If we talk about other filmmakers we have steadicam operator Junior Lucano who´s an amazing guy, always working hard out there on the film sets. You can see that he is truly passionate about what he does. In the slow-motion niche we have the great Chris Vanderschaaf and David Ma who are true innovators within their niche.

Your account @Filmmakersworld have over 400K followers, which equals the size of almost 20 sold out Madisson Square Gardens..combined. Tell me a bit about why you think your account has become such a success.

I think that we inspire a lot of people with an easy approach and good vibes. Since we started, we genuinely shared the best content from the best players, simply following our taste, with a positive (we always use the "rock and roll" mood) and kind language. One of the goals of our project is to show people that you can inspire others and at the same time, share positive values. That helps to grow, and not to kill the passion of others. With this huge amount of followers, we think that we can also help to share kindness, instead of negativity- and in our own way, make the world a little bit better.

VENEZIA - by Emanuele Giannini. The beauty and magic of one of the most romantic cities in the world.


“The biggest mistake people do, is that they compare themselves to others.”

Emanuele Giannini

what advice do you have for filmmakers that want to use Instagram to promote themselves and wants to build an audience?

Study and just do it! Learn from the best, stop a bit, experiment and do it! Meet positive and inspiring people, learn, be respectful and kind, and it! Be yourself, grow as a person before you grow as a filmmaker or a page. About Instagram, and social in general, algorithm push people that share content every day, BUT, before that, make tests, create a theme, and not compare yourself with others. I think that the biggest mistake people do is that they compare themselves to the others. In real and social life, don't compare, instead learn and grow.

There´s alot of people out there reading this that want to work with film. What would you say to all those people who´s just starting out?
Surround yourself with great and skilled people. Work hard everyday and have respect for others. Results will come, be patient. Success don't happen over a night, success builds up from a mix of experiences and in my opinion, don't be fascinated by "fake life", often behind that fake “wonderful life” and “lifestyle” there is nothing valuable.

When It comes to achievements, what would you say is the biggest achievements in your career, that you´re most proud over? I'm proud to just be a simple person. I'm a husband and a dad that loves to share beautiful things. I wouldn't be anything without my fantastic wife Rossella Benedetto who´s always by my side, helping and working with me. I truly think that real achievement is related to what you already have in life, and I'm of course very proud that I can be an inspiration for others.

Emanuele and his wife Rossella Benedetto

If people reading this would like to know more about you and what you do, where can they find you? Then they can check out my Instagram on @emagiannini and @filmmakersworld. Other places they can find me on is

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This interview is a part of In The Spotlight series which highlights filmmakers from all around the world, sharing inspiration, knowledge and real life experience.