Finally Monday!

Happy face Monday!

Happy face Monday!

Monday! Started my day at 6:00 am by going to the gym. I always try to work out every day for 30-45 minutes to jump-start the body and mind. While working out I often listen to 2-3 books on Blinkist, which happens to be a great way to make those 30-45 minutes, feel like 10 minutes and at the same time, you´re learning something new. BTW. Would you want to know my favorite Blinkist books? If so, I´ll put together a list for you in the next blog post!

Today I´m gonna go through and sign 100+ deals with actors and team members that were involved in our up´n coming movie White Trash. The movie is a thriller set in the early '80s and stars actor Ola Rapace and the great Ida Engvoll in the lead roles. The movie is produced “outside the system” which means that we work with the movie until the money is gone. When we get more money, we continue to work with it.

Now we´re just left with the last stuff to do in post-production regarding the sound and VFX work. I hope we can get the movie finished until the end of summer so we can have a premiere around winter time. After I´ve gone through all the deals I´ll be working on some UK financing strategy regarding another project and later I´ll be going over press materials and preparations for the official release of my next TV show that I´m creating with one of Scandinavia's leading TV show creator.

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Looking forward to share some great news with you!

Oh. Forgot to mention. We released the official trailer today for ALEX season 2. Check it out here!

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