Netflix is crushing the independent film industry in the UK

The UK independent film industry is at war with Netflix. Wanna know why?

Two weeks ago Netflix announced they´re setting up a permanent production base at Shepperton Studios worth more than 10.3 billion pounds. Yes, that right. It´s BILLIONS. Not millions. Compare that to BBC Films 11 million pound budget or (BFI) the British Film Institute´s 15 million.
So now the Independent film industry in the UK are furious.

But Why?…maybe you wonder. Keep on reading...

The easiest way to explain why is because…

1. Netflix is bringing 10.3 BILLION pounds to the table. That’s £10.300.000.000
Compare this number with the yearly budget of BFI and BBC Films. Together they have £26.000.000
In other words BFI and BBC Films need an extra £ If they wanna play at the same level as Netflix.
So what can you do when you want a Ferrari, but you can only afford a bicycle…from second hand.

2. Netflix starts making productions exclusively for Netflix. Now. Keep in mind. There´s only a X number of film workers and talent in the UK.
This means that if Netflix is going to do productions for £10.300.000.000 all those film workers and talents will only work with Netflix productions. So the UK industry won’t find any talent or film workers that will be free to work with their own productions.

And with all this comes another problem;

3. Netflix is an American company. This means that everything will be controlled by Americans. In other words the British film industry within 2-3 years will be controlled by the Americans..Ironic isn´t it? Suddenly we have an American company making the rules for the whole film industry in the UK.

Andy Paterson, who co-produced The Railway Man, have said that that this war will be massive and it will take a toll on the independent sector in the United Kingdom. He also predicts that If the independent film business in the UK dosen’t make any big changes soon, in three to four
years´ time the UK film industry will be totally dominated by a few American platforms that will control all creative content.

Do you get now why the British independent film industry isn’t too happy about the new guy in town ?