Netflix loses subscribers after price increase

This is interesting.

Netflix just dropped in subscribers after increasing prices for the differens subscription plans.
The basic plan, increased from $8 to $9 and the standard plan (the most popular plan) which offers HD quality, went up from $11 to $13 per month.

The butterfly effect of their price increase resulted in 123.000 angry subscribers cancelling their accounts in Q2. Not only that. Netflix experts forecasted they would increase with 5 million new accounts in Q2. A number that in reality stopped at 2.8 million. To top that, they also lost the rights to their most popular licensed TV shows, including Friends and The Office to rival streaming services- and the competition is growing.

Disney+ will be launching in November for $6.99 a month and other companies that right now are preparing to jump into the ring to fight for viewers are Apple, NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia.

Lesson learned. You can’t trust forecasts. Too often It´s just a bunch of “experts“ in a conference room playing “Hang Man” on the whiteboard.