Red carpet premiere - season 2 of ALEX

Mikael Cross at the red carpet premiere of ALEX season 2.

Mikael Cross at the red carpet premiere of ALEX season 2.

The red carpet premiere of ALEX season 2 was held at the Swedish Film Institute in Stockholm last week. We had such a great night, and the audience was amazing.

First I met up Anders Adali at a restaurant down by the water called Strandbryggan. My friend Jan had his yacht there so me and Anders started the day at Jan´s boat where we grabbed a couple of cola zero´s (staying semi-healthy). After an hour of mingling, we walked up to the film institute which is about 10 minutes walk from the restaurant.

At the film institute we met up with director Alain Darborg, co-creator Dragomir Mrsic and his son Max Mrsic (who also happens to play his son Simon in the TV-show) and some actors from the series. At the premiere, the paparazzi were lined up and we took some photos and continued to mingle around for an hour before the doors opened to the cinema.

Anders Jensen (CEO of Nordic Entertainment Group) had a speech before we screened the first two episodes from the second season. The reaction was amazing. People loved it!

All photos by Robert Eklund

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